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tom_core is a software tool used for the automation of everything that happens on your computer.

By using this application, you can easily record your activity on your computer, starting the recording at any moment that you choose. The application repeats all your clicks or drags, keystrokes, hotkeys, etc. All in exactly the timing and number of repetitions you need.

If you need more complexity, application has an optical recognition feature that allows you to easily select an area on the screen and determine what should happen if something identical or similar appears on the monitor, either in the sample place or anywhere screen. Of course, it is also possible to specify how the app should act if nothing similar to your selection is found.

If you have a microphone, you can also use the opportunity of the voice control. Simply rename the recording that you created to, for example, “click on file” and pronounce it into the microphone. The newly renamed recording will then run.

The toolbox such as the optical recognition and voice control enables to branch out the recordings into complex forms, with which application brings the possibility of programming even to those who don’t have programming skills or experiences.

However, if you can program, it’s possible to use all the source code of the application, which is developed under the GNU license. All you have to do is open the installation directory, like every other Python project, in your IDE.

Application’s limits

The development of the application presents the challenge of solving many problems, big or small, that come up again and again in such a dynamic world. If you find any flaw, imperfections or have an idea how to improve the application, please write to

Currently known are the following flaws: