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What is TomCore ?

Application is working tool for computer process automatizing. Is developed for creative people that want to make they computer time more effective and for comfortable individuals that want to get rid of phenomena that disrupt their entertainment and relax.

Because there are many possible uses for this application, maybe the right way to demonstrate is not an attempt to name them, after all, I bet that each of you will come to them yourself and you will certainly come up with your own. Here, however, I would like to overestimate what this application is for me.

Invented core

All is designed for easy use and extension. There is no work that this core can not to handle.

The point is to develop working tool for everyone who want to make his computer time more effective and bring this way programming level possibility to ordinary users. Minimalistic but useful graphical interface is appropriate for every kind of work or fun. Stereotypical and recurring activity you can let do your computer.

TomCore is distributed under GNU license and project is based on own rich and lightweight framework wich you can create many implementation. If you want to help develop this application or share your ideas, write email on

Comfortable player

After work rest is needed. Your free time will be more carefree with all players control.

Only by your voice you can move through music and videos, amplify the sound and share posts with social media. Perfect fun can be disturbed by every little thing, especially by pop up windows or adverts. TomCore can learn himself how to block adverts or dynamically react to unexpected events.

This functionality is still in development.

Smart assistant

He is clever and will remember everything what you say to him. This co-worker don't need to sleep or pay for work.

With complex language support and voice recognizing you can do all composition of work without sitting on chair. All sequences what you create are available with voice control that every time is listening to your orders. Moreover, TomCore can be controlled from simple phone application where you get all important notification about progress or states what you are actually interest on.

If you need some some specific extension or support, write email on